The best deodorants for sensitive skin that actually work, per an expert

three of the best deodorants for sensitive skin

By Victoria Giardina

As we’re gearing up for summertime, we want the pool floats, frozen margs and good times. What we don’t want? Smelly armpits.

But, we’re bound to ask the golden question you may be wondering, too: what’s the best deodorant for sensitive skin that *actually* work?

We feel you, and we understand the struggle — especially if you’re a conscious shopper who carefully scans the ingredient lists and opts for natural-based deodorants as much as possible.

For sensitive skin, the struggle doesn’t have to be prolonged. The New York Post Shopping team turned to a board-certified dermatologist to answer our questions about these special types of deodorants in our in-depth FAQ section, along with hand-picking the 8 best deodorants for sensitive skin below.

“Every patient is different, some people produce more sweat at a faster pace or naturally have stronger smells,” Jeremy Brauer, MD, board-certified dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon and founder of Spectrum Skin & Laser, told the New York Post. “Moreover, deodorants have different formulations that work for different people. You should evaluate how long your deodorant lasts as well as your skin’s reaction to the product and look out for irritations, color changes or allergic reactions.”

Ahead, find the very best of the best that made the cut. Say it with us: buy, swipe and smell good.

1. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh 72-Hour Protection Deodorant

“This antiperspirant is a dermatologist approved choice for men with sensitive skin,” Dr. Brauer tells The Post. ” It has long-lasting, 72-hour protection and is infused with vitamin E to help nourish the skin.”

What’s more, this Amazon essential is backed by more than 9,000 rave reviews for helping to retain the skin’s moisture and giving you that fresh feeling.

2. Almay Sensitive Skin Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

“This antiperspirant and deodorant is a good choice for patients with sensitive skin,” Brauer says, recommending the Almay Sensitive Skin Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant. “It prevents the production of sweat while reducing bad odors with a dermatologist-tested, fragrance and alcohol free formula.”

Even better, it’s only $3 making it a fan-favorite (aside from a dermatologist choice).

3. Dove Sensitive All-Day Sweat & Odor Protection Antiperspirant

“This antiperspirant has an alcohol free with nourishing ingredients meant to soothe underarms,” Brauer explains. “However, it contains aluminum, which may be irritating to some people.”

To bundle and save, head over to Amazon to grab a six-pack for less than $25.

4. Degree Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Dry Spray

“This antiperspirant deodorant spray is long-lasting with 72-hour protection,” Brauer highlights. Its almond and vanilla scent is said to be mild, but if any form of fragrance seems to irritate you (if you have ultra sensitive skin, that is), then the Degree Men’s Non-Irritating Deodorant ($24) is another bundle-and-save option we recommend.

5. Vanicream Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

“This fragrance-free, paraben-free, antiperspirant deodorant combo is a good choice for patients with sensitive skin,” Brauer says, recommending the Vanicream Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. “Even though it contains aluminum, it’s dermatologist-tested [at local Vanicream labs].”

Plus, this option is backed by more than 12,000 rave reviews for its non-irritating nature.

6. Arm & Hammer Essentials Unscented Natural Deodorant

“This aluminum-free, unscented deodorant is infused with natural ingredients to fight odor without irritating the skin,” Brauer notes. If you’re looking to shop more sustainably and have an all-day lasting deodorant, this is your winner.

7. Dr. Squatch Men’s Fresh Falls Natural Deodorant

“This aluminum-free deodorant works well for most skin types,” Brauer says. If you have sensitive skin, he recommends avoiding the brand’s Waterfall fragrance that might irritate the skin. 

8. Old Spice GentleMan’s Blend Eucalyptus & Coconut Oil Deodorant

“This aluminum-free deodorant is crafted for gentle skin,” Brauer notes. “While it does have a fragrance, it contains soothing ingredients to calm the skin.”

Not to mention, it’s less than $10 and is well-made for both men and women — even though its marketing language is geared toward men, we know plenty of women who are avid fans of Old Spice.

An FAQ on Deodorants for Sensitive Skin

Ahead, Brauer explains what to look for in a deodorant apt for sensitive skin — from ingredients to tips on use.

First things first: How can I tell if I have sensitive skin?

Patients with sensitive skin are easily irritated by common skincare ingredients or the environment. 

“Some symptoms of sensitive skin are irritation, frequent tight feeling, constant discomfort or allergic reactions,” Brauer tells The Post. “The best way to tell if you have sensitive skin is to pay attention to your skin’s reaction to hair products, creams, lotions and makeup.”

What to look for in a deodorant for sensitive skin, per a dermatologist

Above all else, you should look for a deodorant that works to reduce bad odor, but doesn’t irritate the skin. 

“When looking for a sensitive skin deodorant look for: fragrance-free products, hypoallergenic materials, alcohol free formulas, soothing ingredients and dermatologist-recommended products,” Brauer says.

Be sure to note the phrases “dermatologist-recommended,” “dermatologist-tested” and “dermatologist-approved” can be vague at times. It’s important to thoroughly read the product reviews and list of ingredients to understand if a certain product is right for you (or, even better, shop from our list of approved options above).

What are the benefits of using a deodorant?

Of course, deodorant works “to control naturally occurring odor throughout the day or smell caused by sweating,” Brauer pinpoints. “You should use deodorant once per day on clean skin and reapply if you’re planning to workout.”

How do deodorants work? What’s the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant?

Deodorants work by neutralizing odor causing bacteria, essentially masking bad odors. “These bacteria digest fats and proteins in our sweat, causing poor smells,” he adds. “In contrast, antiperspirants work by reducing sweat production by blocking sweat glands.”

What ingredients to look for in a deodorant for sensitive skin, per a dermatologist

According to Brauer, look for fragrance-free, alcohol-free deodorants containing hypoallergenic materials and gentle ingredients. “Ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, coconut oil and castor oil are all great calming ingredients for sensitive skin,” he adds.

What ingredients to avoid in a deodorant for sensitive skin, per a dermatologist

With all skincare products, it all boils down to the list of ingredients. “Avoid aluminum, alcohol-based formulas and fragrances,” Brauer advises. “In some cases, strong AHAs can also irritate sensitive skin.”

More, patients with eczema or rosacea prone skin should consult their dermatologist to guide them through their specific skin concerns. ” As a general rule, avoid common irritants, alcohol, fragrances and parabens,” he instructs.



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